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About Appraisal Portal

Appraisal portal is a cloud based compliant communication and tracking system for lenders, banks, credit unions and AMCs.


Order Management

Our software provides a simple dashboard interface that works on any device. Powerful messaging system for direct communication with the appraiser. Appraiser Map based search functions. Google map and street views in order assignment. Auto rotation of selected panel.

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Appraiser Profile

Appraisers have different skills. Select the perfect appraiser for a specific assignment. Here at Appraisal Portal, we created an appraiser profile that displays each of the appraisers' strengths to the lender during their selection process.

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Panel Management

Choose from thousands of ASC (Appraisal Subcommittee) - verified appraisers or invite your own panel to join you.

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Feature List

  • Auto Rotation
  • Map based appraiser search
  • Google street photo
  • Email status notifications
  • Blind ordering system for LO’s and processors
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